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C40 cities emit over 300 million tonnes of CO2 per year from the transport sector, and transport emissions continue to grow. However, it is also a sector that presents many opportunities, as C40 mayors exercise strong powers over transportation through ownership or operational control of key transport assets. Bus Rapid Transit is an efficient, high capacity, and cost effective transit solution that many C40 cities are using. Through the utilization of exclusive lanes, off-board fare payment, and platform level boarding, well-planned and delivered BRT systems with clean buses can provide “metro-quality” service at a fraction of the cost, generating enormous shift from private car to public transportation systems. With over 160 systems currently operating or under construction in 23 countries across five continents, quality BRT systems have become a robust alternative to rail in order to improve urban mobility and reduce GHG emissions. BRT is a flexible concept that can be configured specifically for the city it serves and the physical environment in which it operates.

The C40 BRT Network works with cities around the world to support them in introducing, improving and transforming their cities’ BRT systems. The network serves as a platform for cities to share best practices and technical expertise through calls, webinars as well as in-person workshops. By bringing cities together, and convening and collaborating with key stakeholders, the network acts as a catalyst for action, accelerating the implementation and improvement of BRT systems.

The Network is supported through partnerships with two organizations that work to catalyze the development of sustainable transportation solutions: the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) and EMBARQ.

“When Chicago sought to implement bus rapid transit to connect diverse neighborhoods, increase high-quality transportation options and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we looked to BRT examples from around the world, including Santiago, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires.  C40’s Bus Rapid Transit Network is connecting cities with common transportation goals, and network support is helping Chicago as we expand BRT solutions for residents, commuters, and visitors.”

Christopher Ziemann, Bus Rapid Transit Project Manager, Chicago Transit Authority

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