Network Overview

Cities are centers of economic growth and innovation: the cities of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group alone account for more than 21 percent of global GDP. By measuring broader environmental, health and social impacts of climate action, cities can establish the economic rationale to undertake green policies, drive growth and make a significant impact in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks. Supporting sustainable growth and spurring innovation in the technologies that will make this type of growth a reality are a crucial part of the C40 Green Growth Network. This Network focuses on:

- Socioeconomic impact: Finding common methods of measuring and understanding the broader socioeconomic impact of sustainable city policies and solutions.

- Green Clusters: Exploring Green Enterprise Districts or Green Cluster Initiatives as a test bed for innovation and green investment.

- Sharing best practice, challenges and solutions: Cities have begun to address these issues in partnership and collaboration and the network will foster active exchange and collaboration.

The Green Growth Network was launched during the OECD Mayors and Ministers Roundtable held in Chicago in March 2012, and is chaired by the City of Copenhagen.

"We all need to become more strategic in our work with private companies and green clusters in order to determine and highlight the economic rationale for green policies. This is one of the main purposes of the C40 Green Growth Network: To show that economic growth and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand...It is my belief that the C40 constitutes the ideal platform for megacities of the world to demonstrate that cities are in fact the main engines in the global transition to a green economy."

Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen

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