Network Overview

There is a significant opportunity for C40 cities to reduce emissions from integrated waste management actions, as cities have the powers to enact change and there is the opportunity for still more actions in this area. Sustainable Waste Management Systems must be planned, developed, and operated within the framework of local resource availability, economics, and environmental concerns. The Sustainable Solid Waste Systems Network aims to transform C40 cities’ holistic approach to waste management through source reduction, improved collection and transportation, resource and energy recovery, recycling, organics utilisation, landfill diversion and alternative disposal.

By understanding the benefits and disadvantages of various management technologies, local decision makers can best allocate resources, select processes and vendors, and develop policies and procedures to meet the community’s needs. Network participants will share their experience, know-how and challenge overcoming stories around Solid Waste Management programs, projects and policies. The participants will gain expert advice from peers and technical experts, while providing feedback to other cities. Moreover, technical assistance on-demand will help leading case projects achieve success with our expert partners.

“The support of C40 has been essential for Houston to advance on the One-Bin-For-All Project. Without C40 support we would not have been able to get where we are today.”

Laura Spanjian, Sustainability Director. Office of the Mayor, Houston

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