Greenhouse Gas Protocol for Cities Interactive Dashboard

C40 is proud to release a first-of-its kind tool allowing deeper exploration of the historical GHG emissions data of C40 cities reported via Global Protocol for Community-scale GHG Emission Inventories (GPC). The GPC provides a clear framework for reporting city-wide GHG emissions, consistent with IPCC Guidelines, allowing for credible comparison and aggregation across timescales and geographies. It requires cities to report GHG emissions by scope and sector. The GPC is the result of a collaboration between C40, the World Resources Institute and ICLEI to develop a single global standard, which started in 2011. The GPC was officially launched in December 2014.

The C40 GHG emissions tool includes four components:

  1. 1. A World GPC Map showing BASIC GHG emissions for C40 cities by sector, allowing users to get a sense of overall GHG emissions volume and sectoral contributions from Stationary Energy, Transportation and Waste sectors at a glance. Other filters include: per capita, per unit land area (km2), or per unit GDP (US$m) breakdowns.
  2. 2. An Emissions Explorer, which enables the comparison of multiple city GHG emissions profiles. A number of filters allow the user to change the inventory level (BASIC is selected as default); refine the list of cities; and re-arrange the way in which the data is presented. 
  3. 3. Individual City Overviews displaying a detailed summary of each city's emissions profile by sub-sector and scope.*
  4. 4. A City Emissions Heat Map, which uses the most recently reported city GHG emissions to provide insight into each sub-sector and scope for BASIC activities. 



* Detail on notation keys can be found in the GPC. Notation keys are not displayed on the screen but can be viewed by hovering over the blank activities.

Please note: Information provided to the tool has been self-reported to C40 and may not have been independently verified.