City Climate Leadership Awards 2014


  • The Manhattan Center

  • Ceremony

  • Eduardo Paes

  • Dr. Roland Busch

  • Michael R. Bloomberg

  • Vice Mayor Jie Tang collects Shenzhen's award for Urban Transportation

  • Edgardo Cenzón collects Buenos Aires’s award for Solid Waste Management

  • Wilma J. Mansveld collects Amsterdam's award

  • Matthew Pencharz collects London’s award for Carbon Measurement & Planning

  • Josh Alpert collects Portland’s award for Sustainable Communities

  • The City Climate Leadership Awards attendees

  • Gro Harlem Brundtland

  • Mayor Park Won-soon collects Seoul’s award for Green Energy

  • Lord Mayor Robert Doyle collects Melbourne’s award for Adaptation & Resilience

  • Matthew Pencharz collects London’s award for Air Quality

  • Mayor Bill de Blasio collects New York’s award for Energy Efficient Built Environment

  • Manuel Sanroma collects Barcelona’s award for Intelligent City Infrastructure

  • Mayor Dr. Hau Lung-bin collects Taipei's Citizen's Choice Award

  • Winning city representatives

The City Climate Leadership Awards 2014 saw Siemens and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) honor ten cities all over the world for excellence in urban sustainability and leadership in the fight against climate change. A list of all winners, including an 11th city that received the Citizens Choice award, and an infographic featuring the projects that took home prizes, is available here. For a highlight of the evening's Awards Ceremony, watch the video below, and for further information on the partnership between C40 and Siemens, watch the video below.

C40 and Siemens initiated the City Climate Leadership Awards in 2013 and Siemens was partner for years 2013 and 2014.