2012 in Review: Telling Our Story Via Innovative Infographics

In 2012, C40 Cities took the web by storm.

We kicked off 2012 with an infographic released by our partners at the Carbon Disclosure Project showcasing the superhero potential of cities when it comes to climate change. The infographic was based on a research partnership between C40 and CDP that collected climate change data from 48 cities around the world.

Then, in June, we launched www.C40.org, using innovative, rich web-based technologies to uniquely showcase the diversity of our membership and the climate change solutions being implementedi every day.

As part of our new website launch, we introduced the Why cities? infographic which deploys a unique "scrolling" technology that helps to tell the story of cities’ importance roll in combating climate change. Mashable, Atlantic Cities and Grist each loudly applauded our “gorgeous” feature.

Finally, around Rio + C40, we released two other infographics that demonstrated how cities were dealing with and adapting to the impacts of climate change. The first was built in partnership with CNN as part of CNN International’s Road to Rio coverage, while the second was an innovative 3D infographic entitled "Eight Solutions to Address Climate Change."

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