A Road to Somewhere: The C40, Lima’s Potential and Musician David Byrne

David Byrne, American musician and artist, former Talking Heads front man and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer turned sustainable transportation advocate, recently went to Lima, a C40 city, to speak on the importance of non motorized transport in urban development.  This was a collaboration between the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima and CCI.  Over the course of several days, he discussed with the Clinton Climate Initiative’s Scott Muller the various efforts underway in Lima, Peru to mitigate GHG emission and adapt to the impacts of climate change. 

CCI’s collaborations with Lima include seeking more efficient and sustainable transportation options, increased usage of alternative energy sources, recycling wastewater for irrigation, high efficiency lighting and capturing methane at landfills.  Home to almost 8.5 million people and one of the largest per capita taxi fleets in the world, Lima is working to reduce carbon emissions by expanding its bus rapid transit (BRT) system, the Metropolitano, which runs on 100% domestic natural gas.  Proponents hope the BRT system and similar projects will reduce the city’s asthma rate and slow the pace of nearby melting glaciers in the Andes Mountains.  Lima has a target to create 200km of new bicycle lanes by the end of Mayor Villarán’s current term.  Already after just 5 months more than 20,000 participants are enjoying Ciclodia every Sunday, when a major city avenue fills with bikes and skateboards and closes to motorized traffic.

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