Bogota C40 Taxi Pilot Project is Electric

Bogota, Colombia has launched an innovative pilot project to spur the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in its center-city taxi fleet. With this announcement, Bogota joins fellow C40 Cities such as London and Houston in taking action on EVs, as participants in the 17-member C40-CCI Electric Vehicle Network.

In Latin America, the transportation sector is the largest and fastest-growing source of urban CO2 emissions. Bogota’s 50 new EV taxis will not only help diminish noise and air pollution, but will reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80 percent and 70 percent respectively when compared to traditional vehicles.

“This pilot project is very important countrywide and an example for the world because it sets a path to transform vehicle fleets with low carbon technologies, foster green vehicle market increasing consumers’ confidence, and opens a wide window for public and private transportation away from pollution and green house gases emissions,” said Mr. Felipe Targa, Colombian Vice-Minister of Transportation.

Leadership in the area of fuel-efficient transportation is nothing new for Bogota, which is also a test site for the C40-CCI Hybrid & Electric Bus Test Program, which aims to develop a market for fuel efficient, low-carbon public transportation.

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