Bogota Charges Forward with Electric Taxis

As part of ongoing efforts to mitigate climate change and improve air quality, C40 city Bogota is rolling out the largest fleet of electric taxis in South America, including 50 new vehicles in the next few months.

The new taxi system is part of a larger effort to utilize the country’s vast hydropower resources, while curbing pollution. To that end, the national government has decided to end import tariffs on electric vehicles, and offers free licenses to electric taxi drivers.

In addition, Bogota has committed to electrifying its entire public transport system, including new bus lanes, zero-emissions routes, and hybrid and electric buses that are already cruising the city’s streets. In March 2013, the city unveiled plans to install zero-emissions, all-electric buses in partnership with Express del Futuro, a leader in Bogotá’s mass transit industry. The plans are part of the city’s major revamping of its TransMilenio Mass Transport System, which aims to shift thousands of buses over to hybrid or electric technology by 2014.

For more information on the electric taxi initiative, check out this in-depth video from CNN International.