C40 an “Expert Institution” on the Knowledge Center on Cities and Climate Change (K4C)

We are pleased to announce that C40 has been identified as an “Expert Institution” by the Knowledge Center on Cities and Climate Change (K4C), a joint initiative of UNEP, Cities Alliance, UN-HABITAT, and The World Bank.

“The C40 is proud to join the community of expert institutions on K4C. C40 Cities are committed to taking meaningful action grounded in research to mitigate and adapt to climate change, which aligns wholly with the goals of the K4C,” said C40 Director Mike Marinello.

The K4C platform is intended to provide coordinated support to cities in addressing climate change issues, particularly those in developing countries, and is a response to the rapid development of recent research and knowledge in this field. C40's participation in the K4C recognizes the wealth of climate actions in C40 cities and the analytical lens C40 has applied to those actions -- specifically, in the creation of core research documents, "CDP Cities 2011: Global Report on C40 Cities," authored by KPMG, and "Climate Action in Megacities: C40 Cities Baseline and Opportunities," authored by Arup.

K4C aspires to become a comprehensive, online collection of information on the topic of cities and climate change, providing:

  • Updates from the field on cities and climate change
  • The sharing of best practices
  • Facilitating exchange of innovative initiatives
  • An online portal containing advanced search tools and an interactive map

C40's organizational profile on K4C and core research documents can be accessed here.