C40 Announces New Membership Guidelines

Since its founding in 2005 with representatives of 18 megacities, the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) has grown significantly. Although C40’s work remains focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks in megacities, it has welcomed into its ranks cities of differing sizes from all over the world that show leadership in environmental sustainability. To date, an impressive 59 cities comprise the C40 network.

In order to accommodate the organization’s future growth and provide clearer avenues for services and participation, today the C40 announced new guidelines for membership categories.

C40 Chairman and New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said:

"Cities are the centers of action around the world. They are continuing to make more progress in combating climate change than any other level of government and as our organization continues to grow in size and stature, the time has come to provide clear definitions around membership requirements, services and benefits to ensure the transparency of our processes. Coupled with existing participation standards, these new categories clarify C40 membership classification and set the appropriate expectations for cities that want to join C40."

Cities will now have the opportunity to participate in the C40 as Megacities, Innovator Cities, or Observer Cities.

A full breakdown of categories and corresponding guidelines can be found here.