C40 Chair, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg a “Remarkable Global Citizen”

Conde Nast Traveler features Mayor Bloomberg as one of twelve “2012 Visionaries”

An article in the September 2012 edition of Condé Nast Traveler cites Mayor Bloomberg as a trailblazer who is making the world a better place. Mayor Bloomberg was selected as a “remarkable global citizen” in large part for his C40 leadership: “he proves that, together, cities can solve the great environmental challenges of today so that the earth will have a lot of tomorrows,” the article explains.

In the piece, “Michael Bloomberg Leads Cities in the Fight Against Climate Change,” reporter Christian L. Wright describes why – and how -- Mayor Bloomberg makes today’s environmental challenges one of his top priorities. 

“The environmental stuff, whether or not it reverses climate change, influences you and your kids today—the air you breathe, the water you drink, the economy you have, the opportunities you have. Today. That’s how you sell the environment,” he says. “Don’t try to sell it for 40 years from now. Think ‘my air, my water.’ And cities are where it’s all going to happen.”

The article also profiles the growth of C40 since Mayor Bloomberg became Chair in 2010:

When he assumed the chairmanship of C40—a group of cities working to fight climate change, based on the idea that local actions can have global consequences—in November 2010, it was a five-man team in loose partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative. Today, it’s a formidable organization, with 58 cities around the world as members and a partnership with the World Bank, which helps finance climate-­related projects, from tree planting to rapid-transit systems. 

To read the full text of the Condé Nast Traveler article, please click here and be sure to pick up a copy when it hits newsstands in September.