C40 Efforts Highlighted in Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Annual Update

Bloomberg Philanthropies, a primary funder of C40, recently released its 2013 Annual Update.

From funding comprehensive tobacco control efforts internationally and protecting the supply of fish in the world’s oceans, to implementing a road safety program in Kenya and tackling the obesity epidemic in Mexico, Bloomberg Philanthropies’ innovative programmes are improving the quality of life of people across the globe and changing the way individuals and policy makers think about key issues. It is no wonder Fast Company recently named Bloomberg Philanthropies the #2 most innovative organisation on the planet -- second only to Google.

We are very proud to note that the report also focuses on C40’s achievements in accelerating climate action in megacities -- as highlighted in the ‘Environment’ section. Michael R. Bloomberg, 108th mayor of New York City and President of the Board of the C40, also gives C40 and its member cities a ‘thumbs up’ in the report’s foreword:

“With the help of C40, cities around the world have been able to share effective ideas, invest in sustainability, and make a substantial impact on the fight against climate change. In the year ahead, I look forward to building on this work through my new roles as President of the C40 Board of Directors and Special Envoy to the United Nations for Cities and Climate Change.”


To read the entire report, please go here.