C40 Executive Director Mark Watts Featured in A2 Magazine

The most recent issue of A2 Magazine, a business-focused magazine from C40 partner ARUP, featured C40 Executive Director Mark Watts in an article on how cities are rising to the challenge of climate change.

In the article, Watts talks about many of the compelling and innovative ways that C40 mayors have met challenges and generated solutions when it comes to sustainable communities. He also touches on how C40 efforts, such as the Climate Action in Megacities 2.0 and the recent Mayors Summit in Johannesburg, can help galvanize the mayors to share their successes and spread solutions.

“Cities have always been at the forefront of the issue of climate change – as carbon emitters and as communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. But the mayors of these cities have emerged as genuine world leaders on this issue because of their ability to grasp the urgency of the problem and willingness to focus straight away on solutions, rather than waiting for someone else to take responsibility.”

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