C40 helps kick off COP20’s Sustainable Innovation Forum

Today C40 helped to kick off the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2014 (SIF14)  in Lima. Held in conjunction with COP 20, SIF14 brings together leaders from business, government, finance and non-governmental organizations to mobilize the green economy. C40 is an institutional partner to this year’s event, which is held annually by Climate Action in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

A report accompanying the Forum features C40 Chair, Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes as a climate leader. In the comprehensive piece, Mayor Paes discusses the importance of the Compact of Mayors, the world’s largest effort for cities to fight climate change, as a way for cities to boost collaboration and increase their opportunity to work in tandem with national governments.

“We are proving that cities can be true partners to nation states and the international community in bridging the global emissions gap through more ambitious and deeper GHG emissions targets.”

Mayor Paes also described several of the strategic pillars of his C40 Chairmanship, including City Diplomacy, further expansion into emerging economies, and the importance of integrating resilience into long-term city policies. Highlighting some of Rio’s own sustainability success stories as the city prepares for the 2016 Olympic Games, Paes showed that C40’s global leadership and impact begins with local action.   

Read more about his vision for C40 and cities around the world here.

C40's Head of Finance & Economic Development Initiative James Alexander at the Sustainable Innovation Forum at COP20 in Lima.