C40’s Mark Watts: Can Cities Carry the Weight of the World?

Response Magazine, a publication of pre-eminent engineering firm Ramboll, recently included C40 Executive Director Mark Watts in both a feature story and exclusive Q&A. The issue focuses on resource optimization, particularly how city officials and other decision-makers can ensure an approach that will sustain future generations.

In an article entitled “Call for Action: Cities Stepping Up,” which explores how cities are stepping up to support nations and the UN on the road to Paris COP 21 and beyond, Mark Watts shared his thoughts on the co-benefits of climate action in cities:

“The best city leaders have seen that the things that cut emissions also improve quality of life. For example: compact, dense city design where people can live near to the major amenities rather than suburban sprawl; making it easier, cheaper and safer to walk, cycle and take public transport rather than drive; more parks and green spaces; reducing waste, or providing better insulated buildings.”

The magazine also included a Q&A with Mark Watts, where he discusses the particular advantages cities hold in addressing climate change, as well as his answer to the bold question: when it comes to climate change, can cities carry the weight of the world?

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