C40 & Siemens Launch Digital & Media Campaign: Citizen’s Choice Award

Following the inaugural C40 & Siemens City Climate Leadership Awards, which last week recognized 10 winning cities for their leadership in urban sustainability, C40 & Siemens are now kicking off the Citizen’s Choice Awards. This digital and media campaign puts 19 global cities in the spotlight for a range of projects spanning urban transportation, waste management, climate change planning and more, which helped them achieve finalist status in the lead-up to last week’s Awards event.

Anyone can vote (only once though) in the Citizen’s Choice Award for any city project they like. This shortlist of contenders represents innovative urban projects that have significant potential for environmental impact. It is your chance to have a say on which of these projects you believe deserves recognition as a leader among their city peers.

Before you decide, check out the full list of eligible cities and their notable climate action projects:

  • Amsterdam: Amsterdam Smart City
  • Bangkok: Climate Change Action Plan
  • Barcelona: 22@
  • Barcelona: Barcelona Smart City
  • Berlin: Energy Saving Partnerships
  • Berlin: Solardachbörse – Solar Roof Initiative
  • Buenos Aires: Plan for Sustainable Mobility
  • Chicago: Chicago Infrastructure Trust
  • Houston: 50% Renewable Power
  • Johannesburg: Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CCAP)
  • Lagos: Integrated Waste Management Plant
  • London: Clean Air Fund/Air Strategy
  • London: Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy
  • Los Angeles: San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP)
  • New York City: Greener, Greater Buildings Plan
  • New York: PlaNYC and GreeNYC
  • Oslo: Integrated Waste Management System
  • Paris: Autolib’
  • Paris: Clichy-Batignolles
  • Rio de Janeiro: Porto Maravilha
  • Rotterdam & Ho Chi Minh City: Climate Adaptation Partnership
  • São Paulo: Bandeirantes Landfill Gas to Energy Project
  • Seoul: Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Shanghai: Offshore Wind Farms
  • Stockholm: Congestion Charge
  • Stockholm: Hammarby Sjöstad
  • Stockholm: Sustainable Järva

We’ll be featuring the shortlisted cities and their projects over the next few weeks. And once you’ve voted, please share via Twitter or Facebook by letting the world know that you voted, and who you voted for using #C40SiemensAwards.

To vote now, click here