C40 Summit Video Blog Series: Mpho Parks Tau, Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg on hosting the C40 Mayors Summit

*Editor’s note: In partnership with the City of Johannesburg we conducted a series of video interviews with mayors, leading sustainability officials and partner thought leaders during the C40 Mayors Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa on February 4-6, 2014. Please enjoy this final installment of the series, and take a look back at our catalogue of video blogs.

For the final installment of our Video Blog Series from the C40 Mayors Summit in Johannesburg, we’re sharing videos from our C40 Summit host city.

The C40 News Team interviewed Executive Mayor Tau, who spoke candidly about the responsibility and honor of hosting the C40 Summit and showcased some of the critical programmes the City of Johannesburg has already begun implementing in an effort to reduce its emissions. These include solar water heaters, a biogas-to-energy plant and infrastructure upgrades, as outlined in his recent State of the City speech.

A central point Executive Mayor Tau made in his interview was that the “local government sphere” is where some of the most important decisions on climate change are made, a finding confirmed by recent C40 research, Climate Action in Megacities 2.0.

“[Cities] face challenges with regards to climate change in the local government sphere – that’s where we deal with the realities of climate change. Whether it’s increased urban flooding, the impact of heat waves, many cities have experienced hurricanes, and a whole range of problems. [The C40 Summit] is where we’re able to share best practices and make commitment to both mitigate the impact of climate change, but also to find mechanisms to adapt to the reality of the changes in the weather patterns and the pollution that we’re experiencing.”

Watch Mayor Tau’s full interview below:

The C40 News Team also interviewed several other people who play key roles in making the City of Johannesburg more sustainable – take a look at their interviews below.