Cities to highlight action at Rio+20

Jay Carson, Executive Director of C40, was recently featured in the leading Brazilian newspaper O Globo, talking about C40’s plans for the upcoming Rio+20 Summit in Brazil.

Carson said during the interview that the planned C40-led event occurring parallel to Rio+20 on June 19, and in partnership with the City of Rio de Janeiro, “will lead to concrete actions” on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

In the article, Carson also highlighted the distinction between the Rio +20 conference – and the C40 event’s focus on the nexus between climate issues and sustainability. He explained, “What cities do is much more concrete, more practical. We act locally, while the Rio +20 discusses broader issues. You can touch and see what cities are doing to create a more sustainable and better world...”

Research shows that more than half of the world’s population now lives in cities, consuming two thirds of the global energy produced and accounting for 70 percent of carbon emissions. As these population numbers increase, C40 is working with cities to make our urban future more sustainable.

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