City Infrastructure Forum Brazil features C40 Participation

The city of São Paulo this week welcomed over 250 delegates from across Brazil to participate in the City Infrastructure Forum Brazil. The two-day forum focused on opportunities for sustainable development as Brazil’s economy continues to grow. Organized in association with Cities Today magazine, the forum brings together stakeholders from intergovernmental organizations with select private sector partners to share experiences and find practical solutions for local application.

C40-CCI City Director in Sao Paulo Adalberto Maluf participated as speaker and moderator in several sessions at the event, including those on urban transport. He discussed São Paulo’s leadership in this important sector, saying:

Sao Paulo is leading the way towards the inclusion of newer technologies and more sustainable modes of transportation, using ethanol buses, clean diesel made of sugar cane; improving the electrical bus infrastructure; and ordering new hybrid buses for its fleets. In addition, the City has launched more than 195 kilometres of Bus Rapid Transit lanes, and has greatly expanded its bicycle lane network, moving from less than 30kms to 165kms by the end of 2012.

C40’s Transportation Initiative is active in several Brazilian cities. The C40-CCI Hybrid & Electric Bus Test Program, now running in Curitiba, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro as well as in Bogota, Colombia, recently released interim results from the Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo trials. These show that hybrid buses have significantly lowered emissions of hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and particulate matter, as well as achieving reductions in fuel consumption in kilometres per litre of 21.4 to 44.1 percent.

A second forum is planned to be hosted by Mumbai, India in November 2012. To learn more about The City Infrastructure Forum Brazil click (in English) here or (in Portuguese) here.