Climate Change Action: Cities Taking the Lead

Climate change is the most pressing environmental, social and economic problem facing the planet, a problem that is intensifying while global climate treaties and national legislation have hit roadblocks. Driven by the burning of fossil fuels, CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere is rapidly reaching critical levels. This combined with rising temperatures, erratic weather patterns and the depletion of water resources, makes taking action even that much more critical.

The type of planet we endow to future generations depends on the choices we make today. But what if the key to shaping the future lies not just in the realm of complex multinational agreements, but in the buildings we live in, how we commute and the way we light our streets? While high-level international cooperation on climate issues remains vitally important, cities – particularly large cities -- have emerged as a leading force for local actions that can have a global impact. Innovative mayors around the world are forging the path, transforming policies and infrastructure to improve energy efficiency, environmental health and other resource use in some of the most densely populated places on earth.

Take a look at how two cities, Chicago and Lima, are taking action and driving solutions to climate change at the local level.