Climate Reality’s 24 Hours of Reality: We’ll Be Watching

24-hour live webcast kicks off at 8pm EST on November 14

This week the Climate Reality Project, chaired by former Vice President Al Gore, will present 24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report . And in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, their timing couldn’t be better. 

The event is a 24-hour live webcast with segments from every time zone that aims to amplify the global conversation on climate, with a central theme being the relationship between “dirty” energy (whose carbon emissions contribute to climate change) into “dirty” weather. Starting at 8pm EST on November 14 and lasting 24 hours, the world’s leading scientists, business leaders, policymakers, humanitarians, thought leaders, entertainers, philanthropists and activists will showcase the people and places around the world that are most affected by climate change – and, importantly, what solutions are being developed to combat that threat.

During Hour 20 (3-4pm EST on November 15), the program will turn to the United Kingdom, where the C40 city of London has already made impressive gains toward decreasing traffic congestion, retrofitting buildings, and minimizing the city’s carbon footprint. Louise Clancy, Climate Change Adaptation and Water Programme Advisor at the Greater London Authority, will join a panel discussing innovation and solutions across the United Kingdom, emphasizing the steps that have been taken in London and throughout the nation.

Also during that hour, there will be a special conversation between Al Gore, Chairman of the Climate Reality Project; Sir Richard Branson, Founder and Chairman of the Virgin Group; and Mark Kenber, CEO of the Climate Group.

To watch the webcast or to find out more, click here.