CNN Road to Rio Project a Finalist for EPPY Award

One of the C40 News Team’s media partnerships – this one with CNN International – was recently nominated as a top ten finalist for a 2012 EPPY award, an international contest, which honors the best media-affiliated websites across 30 categories. The project, a website called “Road to Rio” offering news and analysis surrounding the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June 2012, was nominated under the category of Best Investigative/Enterprise Feature for websites with over one million unique monthly views.

As part of the Road to Rio project, C40 teamed up with CNN to create an infographic based on data from C40 research partner the Carbon Disclosure Project. The dynamic, multi-media feature spotlighted the C40 cities of Lagos, Melbourne, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, showing how these geographically diverse cities are coping with the impacts of climate change — from rising sea levels, heatwaves, and droughts to more frequent and severe storms — and protecting their populations and economies.

Located on the CNN World parent site, Road to Rio also contains videos of a 30-minute show that was produced once per month in the lead-up to Rio+20. Each episode features experts showcasing challenges and solutions specific cities face pertaining to environmental and sustainability issues. Past installments on the site have covered Singapore’s urban forest, Mexico City’s considerable number of bicycle enthusiasts, and the deleterious effects of food waste on the environment.

While the “Road to Rio” site did not ultimately win the category – which included nominations of prestigious news outlets such as National Public Radio (NPR) and Time Inc. – the project’s place as a top ten finalist speaks to its far-reaching impact, and we at C40 are proud to have played a role in making this happen.