Energy-saving street lighting project a model for global cities

Challenging economics have been a barrier to implementing street lighting retrofit projects in the UK to date. A new project in the city of Salford, England, however, could be a breakthrough, making large-scale efforts to save outdoor lighting energy and costs viable in C40 Cities such as London.

Salford City Council and public-private partnership Urban Vision are currently rolling out a £14m LED street lighting scheme that will halve the energy used for street lighting, saving the council around £640,000 per year in energy costs, while also avoiding the emission of 2,900 tonnes of carbon per year.

In a press release on the project issued by Salford, C40’s Director of Global Initiatives Terri Wills had this to say:

“The City of Salford has shown strong leadership in advancing this landmark outdoor lighting project to implementation. I commend their achievements, which provide lessons and opportunities for C40 Cities with similar goals and challenges.”

Indeed C40 is working with the project developers to make Salford’s favorable purchase terms available to London local authorities. This effort builds upon earlier work with the Institute for Lighting Professionals and the London Lighting Engineers Group (LoLEG) to articulate and address the need to drive economies of scale in projects, as well as to develop processes for evaluating technologies before investment. On both fronts, the Salford project promises to provide relevant insights and tools.