Expert Voices: Joe Peach, Infrastructure & Cities Sector, Siemens

As C40 & Siemens prepare for the upcoming City Climate Leadership Awards event, to be held in London September 4 and 5, we hear from Siemens’ own Joe Peach on why cities matter.

Readers of the C40 Cities blog are unlikely to be surprised to hear that more than 50 percent of the world’s population lives in cities. But the statistic that 7 billion people – equivalent to the entire current world population – are expected to live in cities by 2050 may still have the ability give pause. The underlying message of these numbers, whether you’ve heard them before or not, is one of long-term significance: cities matter.

The population trends of the next 50 years, show that humanity has spoken, electing cities as the engines that drive our future prosperity. That is, of course, assuming we can find a way to make cities continue to thrive whilst confronting the impacts of a changing climate.

That is where private companies such as Siemens can come in, using their portfolio and expertise to contribute to the future success of our cities through infrastructure investments critical to both newly developed and existing urban centers.

London Medium

Take London, for example. Though the city is not experiencing population growth on the same level as cities such as Shenzhen or Lagos, it is growing nonetheless, and the mobility of its population is changing. Public transport ridership is on the up, thanks in part to the city’s congestion pricing scheme; its GPS-enabled bus network; and the rising cost of maintaining a private vehicle. This means increased capacity needs to be built into the network. Siemens is playing a part in achieving this goal, delivering new trains with a higher capacity, capable of a higher frequency service.

For many cities, the demands on infrastructure are only going to increase. If our cities are to become more liveable and sustainable, we need to build capacity into existing networks as well as create entirely new infrastructural developments. With more than a million people moving to cities every week, this fact is clear: cities matter.

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