Forget Superheroes, Cities to the Rescue: Carbon Disclosure Project Infographic

Today, the Carbon Disclosure Project released an infographic showing the physical, immediate risks cities across the globe are facing from climate change and how C40 cities are taking concrete action to mitigate these risks. Take a look at the numbers:

 2.24.12 Cdp Cities Infographic

  • 92% of cities are at risk due to climate change
  • 40% of cities are already dealing with the effects of climate change in their area
  • 77% believe climate change could affect the ability of business to operate successfully in their cities

In 2011, C40 and the Carbon Disclosure Project released a report that collected climate change data from 48 cities around the world. The infographic takes this data and visually demonstrates the actions taken by local governments to ensure that cities remain safe places to live and do business despite the effects of climate change.

C40 and the Carbon Disclosure Project are preparing to release a new report in June 2012, in time for the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

Check out this infographic (click for larger image) from the Carbon Disclosure Project to see where cities are taking action. You can view the full infographic here.