Study on Copenhagen shows the many benefits of a “green” city

Sustainability programs provide people with more than a cleaner environment. Residents of ”green” urban areas like C40 City Copenhagen enjoy other benefits as well, from a stronger job market to a more competitive local economy to improved quality of life.

A new report from Green Growth Leaders alliance details the socioeconomic benefits enjoyed by people living in Copenhagen, a city well-known for its green credentials. Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, is quoted in the Green Growth press release:

“A key challenge is to create a city that can sustain both economic and sustainable growth. In Copenhagen we do both.” 

Green Growth also quotes C40 expert Julie Chapgier on this new report:

"As the report demonstrates, Copenhagen has shown tremendous leadership in promoting the growth of its green sector. By doing so, it has strengthened its social and economic environment, improving the ability of its citizens to compete in the global export market. Copenhagen's successful policies can serve as a model for other cities in the C40 network, "says Julie Chapgier, Chief Financial Officer at the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.   

Check out our interview with Lord Mayor Jensen in which he talks about the city’s plan to be a ”carbon neutral capital” by 2025.