Innovative Ideas: WHOLE WORLD Water partners with Hospitality Industry for Access to Clean Water

At C40, we don't claim a monopoly on innovative solutions. So when we hear of developments going on outside of the network, we will on occasion share them with our audience. Which brings us to a new campaign being developed to remedy the problem of basic access to clean water. And it features an interesting leader – the hospitality and tourism industry. The social enterprise, called WHOLE WORLD Water, announced a campaign last week that will encourage spas, hotels and resorts to bottle and sell their own water, then make donations from the proceeds towards clean water programs.

“The WHOLE WORLD Water model is designed to combat environmental, health, and economic issues, as it delivers radical change and drives a more robust bottom-line across the industry,” said Karena Albers, co-founder of WHOLE WORLD Water. “We estimate that with scale, the hospitality and tourism industry can contribute $1 billion per year or more to help eradicate this global issue.” 

One resort chain, Soneva Resorts, began bottling and selling its own water in 2008, and has used the revenues to provide 600,000 people with access to safe drinking water since then. Several other high-profile industry leaders have also offered their support – Richard Branson, founder at Virgin Group and an advisor to the enterprise, has featured the campaign on his blog.

The campaign is set to launch on March 22, 2013, and will coincide with the U.N. Year of International Water Cooperation. To learn more about WHOLE WORLD Water, click here.