Lagos youth get involved in energy awareness

C40 city Lagos is cultivating the next generation of climate-conscious citizens through its Power Kids Program, an interactive, extra-curricular activity that teaches children about electricity and alternative forms of energy.

Lagos Power Kids

The initiative, part of the Lagos State Government’s Power Sector Development Plan, is designed to immerse select students at the junior secondary school level in energy awareness curriculum, with the hope it will influence their subject choices at the senior secondary level.

This year’s program kicked off in January with a 10-week training course for 20 students from the top 30 public primary schools across Lagos. Organized by the Lagos State Electricity Board, the course covered topics including the history of electricity, energy consumption and conservation, and renewable and alternative energy sources.

The Power Kids Program, according to its website, will allow Lagos State to measure the effectiveness of a short-term energy awareness curriculum before potentially extending a year-long program across all 700 Lagos State schools.

In May, program organizers held the 2013 Power Kids Awards ceremony to recognize the best schools and students who participated in the training. Lagos State Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola handed out awards and delivered a speech.

To see photos of Governor Fashola with the award winning students, check out the Lagos State Government’s Facebook media page.