London Underground turns 150

For the last 150 years, London commuters have “minded the gap” to board the London Underground rail system, more affectionately referred to as “the Tube.” As one of the world’s first megacities, and the original C40 city, London has literally paved the way for innovative strategies to transport and house its ever-growing population. Increasingly, these strategies – including building retrofits, emissions reductions measures, and congestion mitigation – are geared toward preserving both the sustainability of the city’s infrastructure and the environment. 

But what’s the key to the city’s success, and how will it sustain that success in the future? Part of the answer lies in collaboration with counterpart cities.

It’s the power of practical solutions,” says Simon Mills, head of sustainable development for the city of London, in an interview with EMG CSR. “While each city is different, the challenges we all face tend to be very similar ones, so I think that all cities can learn from each other. And it’s not just about technology; it’s the way solutions are actually developed through partnerships that I think is the key learning opportunity.”

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