Mayor Bloomberg Wants to Save the World

Those of our readers who have flown recently may have noticed a familiar face on the cover of American Airlines’ in-flight magazine – during the holidays, Mayor Bloomberg graced the cover of American Way.

The cover story last month featured current C40 President of the Board Michael R. Bloomberg, highlighting his major accomplishments throughout his tenure as 108th Mayor of New York City. In particular, the piece delved into the transformational impact Mayor Bloomberg has had through C40 Cities:

“Bloomberg has been able to think more grandly and reshape the role of a big-city mayor. He has placed a keen focus on public health and the impact of climate change, two issues often bogged down in bureaucracy and political yammering.”

Michael Bloomberg Wants To Save The World


In the piece, new C40 Chair and Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes called Mayor Bloomberg “both ambitious and realistic,” and leaves no doubt that the expansion of C40 under Mayor Bloomberg will remain an integral part of the legacy he has left for not only New York City, but also cities across the world.

“Using his philanthropy, leadership and vision, he has turned the C40 into an environmental powerhouse, an on-the-ground think tank that works with cities to improve quality of life and shares best practices to speed international development of tools that reduce environmental damage. As he looks to a ­future away from public office, it is likely his role in the C40 will solidify his legacy as a pragmatic environmentalist who developed real solutions while the rest of the world bickered and watched the planet get warmer.”

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