Mayor of Mexico City Signs Agreement with C40 Chair

Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera Espinosa visited C40 Chair, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg in New York City this week, and the two signed an agreement detailing how Mexico City and C40 will to work together on the development of Mexico City’s Second Climate Action Program.

Mexico City exemplified the mission of C40 with its successful 2008-2012 Climate Action Program, which surpassed its goals and slashed the city’s carbon emissions by 7.7 million tonnes over the four-year period. Mayor Mancera is committed to continuing the city’s climate progress, and is enlisting the help of C40 through the “Climate Action Planning” Network to develop the program’s next phase – the 2013-2020 Climate Action Program.

The move comes at a time when Mexico City is in the spotlight for climate action leadership on the global stage – in September, C40 and Siemens awarded the city the City Climate Leadership Award for Air Quality, in recognition of the city’s ProAire program. And in January, Mexico City’s BRT system won the 2013 Sustainable Transport Award.

For more information on Mexico’s 2008-2012 Climate Action Program, click here.