New C40 Chat Series Welcomes Dr. Benjamin Barber on Latest Book ‘If Mayors Ruled the World’

When taking the helm as C40 Executive Director, Mark Watts launched a new initiative, the C40 Chat Series, designed as a forum for sharing knowledge and deepening the expertise of C40 staff and cities.

Earlier this month, C40 welcomed, political theorist, author and founder of the interdependence movement Dr. Benjamin Barber, who visited the London C40 office to share the themes from his 2013 book, If Mayors Ruled the World. Dr. Barber addressed C40 staff and friends, while global staff and cities participated via live broadcast.

Dr. Benjamin Barber and C40 Executive Director Mark Watts at the C40 office in London

In his talk, Dr. Barber focused on how our global governance system should focus more on local governments – which are nimble and functional than on less-agile nations.

“Mayors are – and must be – pragmatists and problem solvers,” he said, citing the way in which mayors must work together with public and private institutions to achieve local solutions. He noted that while this process enables mayors to improve their cities, it also means they are often tasked with providing solutions to global issues like climate change.

Dr. Benjamin Barber addresses staff and friends at the C40 office in London

Other guest speakers in the C40 Chat Series have included Senior Fellow of the Institute for Environmental Development Dr. David Satterthwaite, ARUP’s International Development Director Ms. Jo da Silva, as well as Sophie Allain, Save the Arctic campaigner, Greenpeace International. This popular initiative is proving to be an effective way for the C40 community to renew its education across broad range of climate-related topics, and identify possible synergies between the spectrum of environmental organisations. Stay tuned for more updates on featured speakers!