New C40-CNN media partnership unveils infographic: cities on the front line of climate change

In a new media partnership, C40 has teamed up with CNN International and today unveils a seriously cool infographic on climate impacts and actions in global cities. The dynamic, multi-media feature spotlights the cities of Lagos, Melbourne, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo and showcases data from the recently published Measurement for Management CDP Cities 2012 Global Report. 

Rich and varied content puts you on-the-ground in the five global cities with access to vital statistics, photographs and video footage creating a direct and compelling storytelling experience. Users can click through to explore how these geographically diverse cities are coping with the impacts of climate change -- from rising sea levels, heatwaves, and droughts to more frequent and severe storms -- and protecting their populations and economies. 

The infographic is a part of CNN International’s broader Road to Rio environment strand that focuses on cities and CO2 emissions. Its release today alongside the Rio+C40 event is timed perfectly to engage a broad audience, and send a strong message on the importance of addressing urban sustainability in the coming Rio+20 meeting and ensuing dialogue. 

We encourage you to check out the infographic...and spread the word.