New York City Appoints New Sustainability Director

C40 Chair and New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg appointed Sergej Mahnovski last week as the new Director of the Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability. Regarding the appointment, the Mayor said:

“A sustainable future depends on smart energy policies, and with Sergej’s expertise in new energy technologies, we will continue to make the critical investments we need for both our environment and economy…Sergej will no doubt add to the pioneering work our Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability has achieved and further advance our PlaNYC agenda.”

The new Director previously served as Director of Energy Policy in the Mayor’s Office, where he worked with various stakeholders to consolidate the city’s energy goals by increasing support for solar investment, promoting clean heating fuels, and furthering energy infrastructure projects. At his new post, he will coordinate the city’s climate efforts and manage the deployment of PlaNYC , the city’s blueprint for sustainability and climate change adaptation.

Mahnovski , who has also authored dozens of studies on greenhouse gas mitigation and is considered an energy expert, is enthusiastic about what he will achieve at his new post, saying:

“I am honored to work with Mayor Bloomberg and to lead an office known around the world for its innovation and leadership on critical sustainability. PlaNYC has become a model for governments on how to ensure a sustainable future. We are now taking the next step by bringing all energy and sustainability policy under one roof to ensure all City polic[ies] that impact the environment are advancing our ambitious, but achievable environmental goals.”

Taking over the reigns from his predecessor David Bragdon, Mahnovski hopes to continue the impressive legacy of the Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability and streamline the movement towards New York City’s sustainability goals.