Photos: Adaptation & Vulnerability Session

This afternoon featured a session on Adaptation & Vulnerability to climate change. Dr. Mir Mustafizur Rahman, Private Secretary to the Mayor of Dhaka, Mr. Sutanto Soehodho, Deputy Governor of the City of Jakarta, and Ms. Flora Mokgohloa, Executive Director Environmental Management of Johannesburg, participated as panellists, presenting their work to develop policies and adapt urban infrastructure in the face of increasing natural threats.

The panel was moderated by Adam Freed, Deputy Director of the Office of Long-Term Planning & Sustainability in New York. “Effectively addressing the climate risks faced by cities requires an understanding that climate adaptation is an ongoing, iterative process - not a standalone event,” he said. “While the challenges cities face are large, there are tremendous opportunities to work together to share our knowledge, experiences, technical abilities, and programs to increase our resilience to the climate risks we face today and in the future.”

Stay tuned for more information from the panellists, including a video interview with Mr. Soehodho of Jakarta, where much of the city is below sea level.