Rit Aggarwala: Mayors are "delivering the goods"

In an interview today with E&E TV's Monica Trauzzi, Rit Aggarwala,  special adviser to the C40 chair, drove home the importance of megacity mayors and their collaboration through the C40.

“Mayors are already delivering the goods,” when it comes to action on climate change impacts, Aggarwala said. Mayors of C40 cities have undertaken more than 4,000 separate initiatives over the past five years to adapt to or mitigate the effects of climate change.

What makes C40 unique in harnessing these efforts? Aggarwala described the C40’s focus on megacities and the special problems that they share. The C40, he noted, is an active multi-national collaboration between cities that fosters relationships and collaborations between a unique variety of urban areas, resulting in concrete actions.

You can watch the full video here.