Road to Rio: Mayors of the World’s Largest Cities to Announce Climate Change Action at Rio+20

With the Rio+20 Earth Summit kicking off in less than three weeks, the world’s attention will once again turn toward how the international community is engaging in and dealing with global climate change. Some have expressed concerns that current negotiations are not bearing results and many do not want to see another conference come and go without concrete actions taken. While there may be gridlock on the international level, Rio+20 also presents an opportunity for cities – particularly C40 Cities – to bring into focus what cities have been doing, are doing and are capable of doing to combat global climate change by addressing matters locally. 

On June 19, C40 Chair New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes will host mayors and senior officials from over 26 of the C40 Cities for an event in conjunction with the Rio+20 conference on sustainable development at Humanity2012, located in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. 

The daylong event – Rio + C40: Megacity Mayors Taking Action on Climate Change – will showcase how cities around the world are leading the way in taking meaningful action to mitigate and adapt to climate change, and will feature a united call by cities to national governments and international organizations to work more collaboratively with cities and impose fewer barriers on their ability to act on an even grander scale. The event will feature local leaders and technical experts who can speak to how cities are on the frontlines battling the impact of climate change day-to-day, and are implementing innovative local solutions that are having an impact globally.

As we did for our Mayor’s summit last spring in Sao Paulo, the C40 blog will serve as our main, unfiltered platform to communicate to our growing audience (which started at zero about a year ago but has been growing ever since) about the events happening. We will also bring you expert voices, share news and provide insights to the day-long event to those who cannot attend.

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