Spotlight on London: iconic project signals take-up of retrofitting “challenge” by private sector

London Mayor Boris Johnson announced today the Strand Palace Hotel, London’s sixth biggest hotel, has taken up the challenge issued to the private sector to retrofit its properties, by committing to make their iconic hotel more energy efficient.

The project, which is expected to result in a 25% energy reduction; annual energy bill savings of £500,000 and a payback period of 4 years, sets a precedent in the private sector for implementing energy efficiency retrofits. Such actions save building owners money, create jobs, make the property market more competitive and reduce carbon emissions.

Spurred by the success of London’s RE:FIT building retrofit program, which was developed in close cooperation with C40 and the Clinton Climate Initiative and targets public buildings, the Strand Palace Hotel has taken up the baton. C40 and CCI worked with the hotel and financing partners to share lessons learnt from RE:FIT -- including the savings that have been made already in 42 Transport for London, London Fire Brigade, and Metropolitan Police buildings -- as well as other global projects.

C40 Chair New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg praised London’s efforts, saying:

“London’s success with building retrofits is a great example of city leadership on climate action. Our close partnership with London on RE:FIT, as well as private sector initiatives, has led to the implementation of best practice programs and projects from which all C40 cities around the world can learn and benefit.”

The RE:FIT buildings program, which is being used by schools, town halls, hospitals and other public sector buildings, has saved £2.3 million from the energy bills of 86 buildings to date, with another 425 forecast to be retrofitted in the next four years. As a result of these retrofitting initiatives and recycling targets, Mayor Johnson has saved London £9m. The projects are now in a position to be ramped up to provide much greater savings for Londoners with the financial support of government and private finance.

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