Sydney Gets the LED Out - Across City Center

The City of Sydney announced a plan to deploy LED lighting across the city center, halving the electricity use and carbon pollution of its street and park lights. The highly efficient, low-carbon lights will cost $7 million and be rolled out over the course of three years, starting with the Bicentennial Park in Glebe. Since public lighting accounts for a third of the city’s annual electricity use and 30 percent of its carbon pollution, the project stands to realize enormous environmental benefits.

The project announcement comes on the heels of the city’s recent commitment to install solar photovoltaic panels across city buildings, thereby reducing the city’s annual carbon pollution by up to 2,250 tonnes. The LED project could slash a further 2,861 tonnes each year, helping to advance Sydney’s climate action goals.

Sydney Led

LED array in Bicentennial Park. Source: City of Sydney

But there’s another rationale as well, says Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore:

“Replacing 6,450 conventional lights is not only good for the environment but makes good business sense as they will save the City of Sydney nearly $800,000 a year in electricity bills and maintenance costs. Sydney will be the first city in Australia to install the new LED street and park lights across its city centre, and joins other major cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Los Angeles and San Francisco who are embracing the technology.”

Sydney’s citizens are also embracing the LED technology – in a public survey, 90 percent of Sydney’s population found the LED lighting to be more appealing, and 75 percent thought it offered greater visibility than conventional bulbs.

Sydney Led 2

LED array in Bicentennial Park. Source: City of Sydney

The project was initially encouraged by an international trial of LED lighting organized by the Climate Group that included the C40 cities of Hong Kong, London, and New York.

To view a timelapse of the LED installation at Bicentennial Park, click here.