TED Prize goes to "City of the Future"

“I am the city 2.0. Dream me. Build me. Make me real.”

That was the message at last night’s TED Prize presentation in Long Beach, California, where the 2012 prize was given to the idea of the next evolution of the city.

The C40 is working every day to make the City of the Future a reality. From measuring carbon emissions and levers for change, to incubating and sharing across cities the programs, policies and innovations that make Mayors and urban areas a driving force in mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes presented at the event, and shared his excitement and optimism around the projects that are making Rio – a C40 City -- a more sustainable and livable city. Rio is home to a Bus Rapid Transit system that is changing the way resident are moving throughout the city. Mayor Paes estimated that by 2015, 63 percent of the city’s more than 6 million residents will be using the system.

Mayor Paes shared his four “commandments” for city development:

  1. A city of the future has to be environmentally friendly.
  2. A city of the future has to deal with mobility and integration.
  3. A city of the future has to be socially integrated.
  4. A city of the future has to use technology to be present.

Rio is host to the upcoming Rio + 20 Summit, where leaders from around the world will gather to discusssustainable development. Cities – and Mayors – must have a place at the table that reflects their role in addressing the challenges of climate change. It’s a role recognized by TED, and one embodied by C40 cities around the world.