Transit-friendly plaza sprouts in Sydney

The City of Sydney has announced plans for a revitalized city center, starting with a project that will remove cars from congested main thoroughfare and transform the area into a spacious plaza, complete with trees and pedestrians. But that won’t mean commuters will have to pick an alternate route – the plaza is part of a larger light rail project by the NSW Government, which will make Sydney more accessible by public transit while making the city greener.

“Light rail gives us a chance to revitalise the entire city centre, not just transforming George Street but also the laneways that run off it, making the city an exciting place to explore,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

The city isn’t working alone, however: they’re looking for input from the locals on everything from how much space should be reserved for pedestrians to whether the light rail system should have overhead lines and barriers. To help Sydneysiders envision the future project, the city has installed an exhibition called Next Stop: 21st century George Street, which is arranged to give an idea of how the project will look when completed.

Sydney Town Hall Today

Sydney city center – today

Sydney Town Hall Proposed

Sydney city center – proposed

“At the moment, George Street is choked by day and drab at night. This exhibition shows we can make it a wonderful wide boulevard where people will want to walk, shop, dine and meet up with friends,” said Lord Mayor Moore. “To get it right demands good design. That’s why we are asking people who live, work and visit the city to come to the exhibition, to see the designs and tell us how we can make them the best they can be.”

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