WRI: “C40 Shows How Cities Can Lead on Climate Change Solutions”

Manish Bapna, Executive Vice President and Managing Director at WRI, has a great about his experience at the C40 Cities Mayors Summit in Sao Paulo and the importance of accurately measuring greenhouse gas emissions from cities. C40 and ICLEI announced during the Summit their plan to jointly develop a new GHG accounting and reporting program.

Manish writes:

From his Chairman’s seat at the conference, Mayor Bloomberg tweeted “If we can measure it, we can manage it.”

This is absolutely true. Cities must know what their greenhouse gas emissions are before they can set targets and develop policies to reduce them. Mayor Bloomberg’s tweet was a reference to a key initiative announced at the meeting: the C40’s collaboration with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability to develop a standard for measuring city greenhouse gas emissions.

ICLEI’s new effort is building upon years of accounting experience, including WRI’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol—now the leading international accounting tool for businesses and governments to measure greenhouse gas emissions. WRI has begun developing a city-level emissions accounting framework tailored for China. WRI’s city framework will measure both direct and indirect emissions. This means that emissions from goods and services produced and consumed by city residents would be included in a city’s emissions assessment.

Our goal is for WRI’s city accounting framework to complement and align seamlessly with ICLEI’s standard, so that cities all around the world are able to accurately measure – and thereby manage – their greenhouse gas emissions.

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