Year in Review: C40 expert featured in Grist

The experts at C40-CCI work with cities around the world to develop the innovative projects and programs that are driving action on climate change. The following post from December 5, 2011 highlights the work of C40-CCI's waste management director Karen Luken, which was featured in Grist.

Karen Luken, director of the waste management program for the C40-Clinton Climate Initiative, is officially a member of Grist’s “change gang” – individuals profiled by the online publication for their work on sustainability.

As a “one-woman waste management authority,” for C40 (which formed a closer alliance with the CCI this year), Luken has worked tirelessly to help cities learn how to use waste as an energy resource. According to a joint report from C40 and Arup, waste accounts for around 3 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and C40 cities have taken nearly 800 actions in this sector.

In the article, Karen discusses her work, which takes her around the world and includes C40 cities in Mexico, Brazil and South Africa. Solid waste is "really political," Karen told Grist. "It's the one public service that people interact with on a daily basis, and because of that it's very intimidating for government officials to change solid waste systems."

Read the full article here and check out some of the C40 News Team’s previous coverage of Karen’s work here.