Goals and objectives

The key objective was to implement heat pumps utilizing thermal energy of vent emissions. The major goal is to reduce energy consumption at the facilities of Moscow by transformation of low potential heat, emitted to the air by ventilation system into thermal capacity suitable for heat pump usage. Project was implemented at the premises of the Moscow’s universities, kindergartens, dormitories for the water heating system.


Moscow, school №1640 (Behtereva street,17), kindergarten №23 (Shipilovskaya,4), kindergarten №990 (Krasny Mayak street,13), dormitory (Aviators street,7)

Innovative technology, reducing negative impact on environment

The water is heated by transmission of the air heat from ventilation system with the usage of heat pump.
The cost of heating water to 55°С is lower than rates effected in Moscow.

Indicators of negative environmental impact reduction

Installation allows to receive up to 8 kW of thermal energy per 1 kW of consumed energy.
The system allows to reduce costs for the preparation of hot water during summer to 70%, during winter- up to 30%. Due to this the volume of greenhouse gas emissions produced through the hot water preparation process at fuel and energy sector decreases.

Plans of project development (introduction of positive effects in urban practice)

It is planned to carry out the monitoring of the system performance, based on which the proposals for it’s replication within public health, education & culture sectors will be prepared.