The project is implemented in the especially protected natural territories of Moscow in the places of power lines absence. LED lamps powered by solar energy and wind turbines are used for lighting.

Goals and objectives

The key objective was to implement heat pumps utilizing thermal energy of vent emissions.
The major goal is to reduce energy consumption at the facilities of Moscow by transformation of low potential heat, emitted to the air by ventilation system into thermal capacity suitable for heat pump usage.

Initiator and contractor

Project initiator: Department for Natural Resources Management and Environmental Protection of Moscow
Contractor: «StroyInvestHolding» Ltd

Indicators of negative environmental impact reduction

Power capacity in the amount of 1 277 500 kW/h for 10 years will turn into mitigation of the volume of greenhouse gas emissions used for generation of the same power volume.

Plans of project development (introduction of positive effects in urban practice)

It is planned to implement the same technologies of lighting ecological trails and bicycle tracks in the all especially protected natural territories of Moscow.