Every citizen will be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions easily in his or her daily life. As the proverb says that every little bit helps, individual effort will be conducive to global warming prevention and small habit changes will make the world greener. 

What is it?

Carbon mileage and incentives for contributions to greenhouse gas reduction will be offered according to the reduced amount of electricity and water consumption for home and commercial use.

How does it work?

  1. Citizens become aware of a Carbon Mileage System through active promotion before full-scale operation.
  2. Representatives of households or companies who want to take part in the Carbon Mileage System will submit a written application or sign up on the official website of the Carbon Mileage System.
  3. Participants will implement tips to help cut greenhouse gas emissions in their daily routines.
  4. Carbon mileage will be calculated based on the decrease in monthly electricity and water consumption compared to the average records over the last two years.
  5. Incentives (voucher or cashback) will be given once a year by adding monthly carbon mileage.

Next steps

Publicity measures and communication action plans will be further strengthened to attract wider attention and participation. The Carbon Mileage System will be expanded to every possible area, such as gas and transportation. 


An understanding that less energy consumption will greatly decrease fossil fuel use and will thus bring greenhouse gas emission reduction will gradually spread.
The Carbon Mileage System will be able to be developed into a citizen participatory practice to fight global warming.

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