Herron Playground

December 16, 2012 Philadelphia

Case Study Source: The Joint U.S.-Brazil Initiative on Urban Sustainability, part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


At Herron Playground, the Philadelphia Water Department collaborated with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and the City's Capital Program Office to design and construct green stormwater infrastructure systems as part of a playground renovation. The existing basketball court was transformed into a porous asphalt court with stone storage underneath it to manage stormwater runoff from two nearby streets. The runoff from the playground is managed by various green stormwater infrastructure systems, including a porous play surface made from recycled tires, a rain garden, and newly planted trees, which complement other improvements on the playground. The completely renovated playground enhances the local neighborhood's aesthetics, while benefiting Philadelphia's streams and rivers by reducing stormwater flows into the overburdened combined sewer system.


This project is intended to reduce stormwater runoff and associated combined sewer overflows. Entry in table: Partners who contributed to this project include Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, Philadelphia Water Department, and Philadelphia Capital Program Office.

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