Mayor Ada Colau, Elected 2015

Case Studies

Barcelona's Smart City Strategy

September 19, 2014 Barcelona

Barcelona’s Smart City Strategy takes a holistic view of the various projects being developed throughout the city and uses technology as a transversal tool to manage the city’s resources and services in a more efficient way. In doing so, it guarantees sustainable social, economic and urban development with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of Barcelona’s citizens.

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Barcelona's Super Blocks project approaches urban development in a transversal way that simultaneously promotes energetic self-sufficiency, sustainable mobility, public space revitalisation, biodiversity and urban green areas, as well as social cohesion and citizen engagement with the goal of reducing the city’s ecological footprint and improving citizens’ quality of life. Super Blocks are urban units – larger than a block but smaller than a neighbourhood – with streets favourable to slow, pedestrian-friendly transit.

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Barcelona’s Bicing cycle scheme achieved over 90,000 subscriptions, 2 million hires and reduced CO2 emissions in the city by 960 tonnes during its first six months of operations. The success of the scheme and its impact on changing modes of transport in the city has been so great that Bicing will be extended to cover all city districts in 2008.

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Barcelona's Solar Hot Water Ordinance

November 3, 2011 Barcelona

Barcelona is the first European city to have a Solar Thermal Ordinance making it compulsory to use solar energy to supply 60% of running hot water in all new buildings, renovated buildings, or buildings changing their use. It applies to both private and public buildings.

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