Lord Mayor Dr. Eckart Würzner, Elected 2006

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At the start of December 2015, all eyes were on Paris for the COP21 climate negotiations, regarded by many as a pivotal moment in determining global climate action. C40 was fortunate to be there on the ground to help showcase innovative and effective climate actions taking place in the world’s cities. Through a series of fantastic events at Paris City Hall, Le Bourget and other iconic locations around the city, mayors from around the world gathered to celebrate successful projects and plans, share their stories and knowledge, voice their ideas, and establish opportunities for action over the next 5 years and beyond.

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Formerly a freight yard, the Bahnstadt area will now house a sustainable city district where all the buildings are being built to meet strict energy efficiency standards. The city of Heidelberg, Germany is building one of the world’s largest developments of passive housing – buildings that are highly energy efficient. The district, known as the Bahnstadt, is being built around three core concepts: reduce energy need, generage energy cleanly and efficiently and use that energy as efficiently as possible.

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